versathings versaemerge is an amazing band. it consists of the lead members sierra kusterbeck and blake harnage. they are the most amazing people who love their vultures. they headlined their own tour in 2010 with Conditions and Anarbor. In the early spring of 2011, versa was one of the bands on the AP Tour along with Black Veil Brides, D.R.U.G.S, I See Stars and Conditions. In the late spring, they are touring the UK for the UK Euro Invasion tour.

This blog is to recognize the many amazing things about them. Follow this blog, i follow back.

VULTURES UNITE. vulture(s) chilling.
dear followers,

i am extremely sorry i have not posted in months. i will try my best. im sorry and i havent had any requests for admins so im the only one so if anyone is intrested message.? thanks :)


hahah i saw this on my dash this morning!

Do you guys think Versa should be more famous or stay the same ?
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  1. Shoe Size:
  2. Sexual Orientation:
  3. Do you Smoke?
  4. Do you Drink?
  5. Do you Take Drugs?
  6. Age you get mistaken for:
  7. Have Tattoos?
  8. Want any tattoos
  9. Got any Piercings?
  10. Want any piercings?
  11. Best friend?
  12. Relationship status:
  13. Biggest turn ons:
  14. Biggest turn offs:
  15. Favorite Movie:
  16. I’ll love you if:
  17. Someone you miss:
  18. Most traumatic experience:
  19. A fact about your personality:
  20. What I hate most about myself:
  21. What I love most about myself:
  22. What I want to be when I get older:
  23. My relationship with my sibling(s):
  24. My relationship with my parents:
  25. My idea of a perfect date:
  26. My biggest pet peeves:
  27. A description of the girl/boy I like:
  28. A description of the person I dislike the most:
  29. A reason I’ve lied to a friend:
  30. What I hate the most about school:
  31. What my last text message says:
  32. What words upset me the most:
  33. What words make me the best about myself:
  34. A wish that I’ve wished for repeatedly on 11:11:
  35. What I find attractive in boys.
  36. Where I would like to live.
  37. One of my insecurities.
  38. My childhood career choice.
  39. My favorite ice cream.
  40. Who I wish I could be.
  41. Where I want to be right now.
  42. The last thing I ate.
  43. Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately.
  44. A random fact about anything


I didn’t know how cool Lost Tree by Versa was * U * dkfnhfgkjnfgfgn I love how they put in lyrics from like all the songs from th- oh god eargasm

fjdfgjkdfn I CAN’T TAKE IT

hey guys :)

im just reminding everyone, that im taking suggestions :), artwork :),  anythings versa related. i also follow back. and if anyone’s interested in being an admin message:)


thealcoholicafternoon said:
I think a good thing about Versa is their lost interview, it's way too funny!
Just giving an ideia HAHAHA



does anyone have a desire to be one cause i’ve been extremely busy lately, but i still want to post on her but anyone?

COME JOIN ME :) only if you know what this is from:)

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